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Brain Injury

Brain Injury offered in Houston, TX

Concussions and other brain injuries can cause lasting physical and psychological changes. At MedCare Clinics, the medical team offers personalized treatment plans for brain injuries in children and adults. They treat a range of symptoms that brain injuries can cause, including persistent headaches, mood changes, and memory problems. Call the Houston, Texas, office to schedule a brain injury consultation or book an appointment online today. 

Brain Injury Q&A

What is a brain injury?

A brain injury occurs from a jolt or violent blow to your head or body. These injuries can result from:

  • Falls
  • Violence
  • Car accidents
  • Sports injuries

You can also experience a brain injury if an object forcefully moves through the skull.

Mild brain injuries like concussions can temporarily change brain cells and cause dysfunction in your body and mental health. More severe trauma can lead to tissue tears, brain bleeding, and other serious complications.

MedCare Clinics offers comprehensive care for brain injuries in adults and children. The team focuses on addressing the physical and psychological effects that are possible with this type of injury. They tailor a treatment plan to relieve your symptoms and protect your long-term brain health.

When should I seek medical attention for a brain injury?

You should schedule a diagnostic evaluation at MedCare Clinics any time you suffer a head injury, even if it’s minor. Some brain injuries may not cause symptoms right away, but can lead to severe complications if left unmanaged.

You also need medical attention if you experience head trauma and have symptoms like:

  • Headache
  • Blurry vision
  • Mood changes
  • Memory loss and confusion
  • Dizziness or drowsiness
  • Loss of balance or coordination
  • Loss of consciousness

Children can also experience seizures as the result of a brain injury.

The MedCare Clinics team completes a diagnostic evaluation of your symptoms and physical health. They may also order a computed tomography (CT) scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to assess the health of your brain.

Based on the results of your testing, the team creates a treatment plan to relieve your symptoms and prevent further brain injury.

How is a brain injury treated?

Mild brain injuries may not require medical treatment. The MedCare Clinics team may recommend rest, limiting your activities, and using over-the-counter medications to manage headaches. 

Prescription medications may be needed to treat depression, anxiety, or other mood disorders that can occur with a brain injury.

For more serious injuries and physical symptoms, the team may prescribe antiseizure drugs or other medications. You may also need to make lifestyle changes to prevent additional trauma to your brain.  

The MedCare Clinics team can also refer you for rehabilitative therapy to restore full function in your brain and body, such as speech therapy, physical therapy, or occupational therapy.

Call MedCare Clinics to schedule a diagnostic evaluation for a brain injury or book an appointment online today.