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Adolescent Anxiety

Adolescent Anxiety offered in Houston, TX

About one-third of teenagers have an anxiety disorder today. At MedCare Clinics, the experienced team of psychiatry specialists provides empathetic care for adolescent anxiety in their Houston, Texas, office. Anxiety disorders can be frustrating and even debilitating for teenagers. The team understands the challenges that teens with anxiety disorders face, and they provide actionable solutions that can improve quality of life immensely. Call the office or book an appointment online now.  

Adolescent Anxiety Q&A

What are anxiety disorders?

While everyone experiences anxiety sometimes especially in adolescence anxiety disorders cause unhealthy, overwhelming, and often disruptively overwhelming levels of anxiety. 

Anxiety disorders are particularly common in adolescents today. The National Institutes of Health estimates that around 33% of adolescents aged 13-18 have anxiety disorders. 

What are the symptoms of adolescent anxiety disorders?

Some of the most common signs of an anxiety disorder in adolescents are:  


  • Excessive apprehension and worry about routine aspects of daily life
  • Being extremely self-conscious
  • Irritability
  • Difficulty relaxing
  • Avoiding social activities and/or school
  • Being startled easily
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Difficulty sleeping


Adolescents with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) may also complain often of physical problems like stomach cramps and headaches. Some teens may make risky choices, like illicit drug use, in trying to manage their anxiety, so you might also notice other behavior changes if your teen has an anxiety disorder. 

Why are adolescent anxiety disorders so common?


A complex blend of genetics, individual brain chemistry, and life experiences can all contribute to anxiety disorders. Adolescents often have particular pressures in addition to these factors, such as:


  • High pressure to excel in school and other areas of life
  • Increased stressful events in the news, like school shootings
  • Social media exposure, particularly teens trying to emulate unrealistic beauty standards


However, these factors may not play a role at all. Some adolescents develop anxiety disorders that overwhelm them when they’re facing routine parts of growing up. 

How are adolescent anxiety disorders treated?

The MedCare Clinics team treats adolescent anxiety disorders using custom approaches for every patient. Many teens respond to psychotherapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Some adolescent patients may need medication management; the most common pharmaceutical options are antidepressants. 


According to the American Academy of Pediatricians, about 80% of adolescents with anxiety disorders experience positive results with a blend of cognitive behavioral therapy and medication. 


Many teens who have anxiety disorders also live with depression. The MedCare Clinics team offers a variety of approaches for depression, from antidepressants and psychotherapy to newer innovative treatments. 


Anxiety disorders are treatable. At MedCare Clinics, adolescents can get the help they need to enjoy their life to the fullest, free of crippling worry and stress. If you suspect your child is struggling with anxiety, call the office or click on the online booking feature to arrange an evaluation with the experts today.